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Putting customers at the heart of your business strategy is for me the most important aspect of any business culture. From this hangs all the other threads of doing the right things in order to make your business successful, sustainable and profitable. Quite simply, customers fund the business and if you are constantly thinking about them as your true investors then you have to think of ways of constantly pleasing them and inspiring loyalty. One of my constant themes over the years has been to put “state of the art technology into the hands of outstanding people” By this I mean that businesses have to invest appropriate amounts of time and money into both people and technology. All to often today , investment in people takes a back seat whereas employees that feel as if they are being developed, rewarded and recognised are usually the key to customer delight. Let us help you work on your growth strategy by concentrating on the customer

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Business Development

A growth mindset is essential to any business as is the importance of retaining profitable customers. Building customer commitment from existing customers and acquiring new ones has equal importance when delivering a consistent and sustainable company performance. Regular reviews of customer strategies, resources and the skills required to support that mindset are required. Is a business growth mindset part of your culture and constantly invested in ?

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

It’s very easy to cut costs but far harder to deliver value and have sustainable relationships with your supply chain. Some companies have mature processes in place, whilst others who are either quite young or consider themselves too small may not. Growing businesses become even more successful when they complement their client acquisition strategy with an appropriate procurement and supply chain management strategy. When was the last time you reviewed this area or have you yet to put a strategy in place ?

Leadership & Change Management

Leadership is more than just getting things done. It’s about agreeing a vision and engaging with
people to deliver the results.
A new set of skills is needed to build trust in teams. Knowing how to give autonomy in the way that
tasks are undertaken and adapting to measure performance based on output rather than

Business Transformation

Usually, business transformation is spoken about in terms of major projects or significant changes to the way things are done. These could lead to major disruption and resistance to change. Conversely, business transformation can be a series of small steps and changes to behaviours and processes that deliver significant results. The importance of engagement and delivery throughout the entire organisation is one of the keys to success. What parts of your business need evolution?

Digital Marketing

The fact is, the basis for any digital campaign needs to be a game plan that makes sense for your business. We will make sure that you are reaching the people you want to reach and ensure that they take the actions required to do business with you and earn you a good return in terms of sales and profit. This will ensure the right digital strategy before embarking on expensive and time consuming digital marketing campaigns.

Cultural Awareness

One of my many learnings from my time at American Express Travel and Virgin Atlantic was how to deal with both clients and colleagues in overseas markets. I never used to think past the language barrier. If they could speak English then I assumed that it was business as usual. But then I started to wonder why in certain cases I couldn’t get my point across or progress seemed so slow, or members of my team didn’t action what we had agreed. Then I came across Chris Smit of and Chris started to explain to me the importance of understanding how different cultures are ‘wired’, how they think, behave and what’s important to them when doing business. I invited him along to my first and it turned out last global sales meetings that included people from every continent. Whilst it was an excellent relationship building event, the points I was trying to make were completely lost. Chris explained to me why and which markets we could group together and which ones to deal with in isolation. Once I understood I put everyone of my team through that training so that they could adjust their approach, planning and communication to suit the colleague or client in the other market. Without this knowledge you’re chances of success dealing overseas is limited.

Public Speaking

I have been very fortunate that during my career it was essential that I engaged in a variety of public speaking opportunities. This was especially the case as General Manager Sales of Virgin Atlantic and CEO of the GTMC (Guild of Travel Management Companies) These may have been industry conferences or company sales conferences and meetings as either a speaker or a guest on a panel, giving opinion pieces, insights and stories on a range of different travel-related topics How we implemented a change management programme to professionalise sales at Virgin Atlantic just happens to be my favourites. The same can be said about a number of my colleagues all of whom have a variety of different experiences to share, whether that be the importance of understanding cultural thinking when doing business overseas or the need for business transformation and innovation as a continual process. One theme remains constant though and that involves people, customers and business growth

International Trade and Stakeholder Engagement

With the UK Government agreeing on trade deals around the world, it is an opportune time for SME’s to consider the possibility of business expansion for either export or import purposes. One of the most common obstacles is knowing how to start and who to contact, especially overseas. Our expertise and contact base makes the beginning of the journey achievable

RedApple 7 Airlines

My experience at Virgin Atlantic demonstrated the need for a multi-channel distribution strategy and the need for the sales force to be able to generate additional revenue by selling the differences and advantages to the customer of the product and service and by building customer commitment.

Whether you are an existing airline looking to rebuild or instil and implement a sales performance culture or a new entrant to the UK market needing to establish new successful relationships and revenue opportunities, we can provide a bespoke sales solution either by enhancing the effectiveness and performance of your existing team as demand returns or create a professional selling sales team from recruitment to handover. Another alternative is the complete outsourcing of your sales function.



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Paul Wait

Paul Wait

RedApple 7 Founder

Having started his career in business in 1972 and worked for some major companies and associations, Paul has experienced many significant market dynamics and challenges that included economic booms and busts caused by natural disasters, terrorist attacks, financial crashes and virus pandemics. He learned and applied the importance of leading people through these events and repositioning businesses back onto the paths of growth. His firm belief in customer centric strategies and constant investment in people are at the heart of his career achievements.

Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor

RedApple 7 Partner for International Trade & Stakeholder Engagement


With a wide & varied career in business support in this country & abroad, Jeremy is ideally situated to help you explore new markets overseas.  Jeremy believes in the principal that people buy from people and will help you find the people you need to meet to help your business grow, as well as advise you on the engagement strategies and tactics to make those contacts effectively. Jeremy has built a global network of contacts to connect you to international markets as well as help overseas businesses to develop commercial opportunities in the UK.

Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs

RedApple 7 Partner for Sales Development and Sales Transformation Programmes

Since 1992 Jeff has been a central figure in seeking out, winning and delivering business in markets as diverse as banking, travel, petrochemicals, advertising, design, security, IT and telecoms.

In addition to a well-deserved reputation as a high-quality consultant and senior management advisor, Jeff is also the architect of a new concept: Sales Effectiveness Groups aimed at Business Owners and MDs who have nightmares about sales and need peer group support and executive support.

David Ratnam

David Ratnam

RedApple 7 Partner for Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Significant experience having held senior positions at companies such as Hertz, Unisys, T Mobile, and as a Consulting Partner at KPMG and TATA, Davids’ expertise coves all aspects of procurement, supply chain management, business transformation, mergers and acquisitions and commercial management. He has continually focussed on innovation as an advocate of change with success in building new procurement teams and operating structures alongside identifying outsourcing opportunities and transition services.

Chris Smit  MSc. (1963)

Chris Smit MSc. (1963)

RedApple 7 Partner for Cultural Awareness


Makes companies and organizations more aware of cultural diversity. In business, the im­pact of cultural differences are still under-estimated. We talk a lot about globalization. The world seems to be getting smaller, and yet we all bear the mark of the culture in which we grew up. This often leads to misunderstandings that are detrimental to your business. More attention to cultural diversity should be a top priority for companies and organizations. Chris puts you on track to efficiently deal with the cultural differences. 

Roger Williams

Roger Williams

RedApple 7 Partner for Digital and Customer Centred Business Transformation

Roger has held senior positions in PA, CapGemini and BT. He has worked with a wide range private and public sector clients with a digital technology and customer-centred focus.  He has experience in delivering business strategy, marketing, start-ups and business transformation as well as leading challenging international programs. Roger’s career started in pioneering the use of Expert Systems and AI at BT, later specialising in the application of leading edge technologies such as GIS, Digital Media, Database Marketing, CRM and Knowledge Management solutions to give BT a competitive Edge.

Angela Mays FCIPD

Angela Mays FCIPD

RedApple 7 Partner for Leadership and Change

A fellow member of the CIPD and accredited Executive Coach, Angela is an accomplished and driven professional who has a wealth of experience in working with organisations who have gone through significant growth or change.

Angela’s passion is helping people leaders discover the secrets to driving high performing teams by untapping their potential and becoming an effective and successful leader.


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