Sales Transformation at Virgin Atlantic

by Paul Wait & Jeff Downs | Virgin Atlantic

Jeff Downs of Quantum interviews Paul Wait telling the story of how they worked together over a 12 year period to develop the best Airline selling operation in the industry.

Matthew Bell VP of Global Flight Partner Services at Booking Holdings

That change process for me still stands as one of the most important things I have ever learned during my working career. I count myself lucky to have had the chance to be involved as it rolled out during my time at Virgin Atlantic. Take the time to listen to this podcast by in my opinion the best leader of a sales team you could ever want to work for.

Terry Smith Sales and Marketing Director at Structured Communications

Without out doubt the sales methodology that has stuck with me over the years-being a newbie into B2B Sales back in 2006, the training and plans in place were very clear, which led to a united approach.

Sam Olsen CEO at Movement at Work

Thanks for sharing Paul Wait and Jeff Downs- reading Aleda Kay, Matthew Bell and Darren Farr’s comments are a reminder of the value of having a clear theory of change and the value of spending time understand your customer. That investment in all of us has shaped our careers. I use funnelling technics to this day in the civil service. Next challenge is how do I get business in a post Covid world to invest in the next generation.

Iain Lawrence Aero Healthcare Global

Having been part of this sales transformation and having been with the Virgin Atlantic sales team at the time, I have to say it was transformational on a personal level as well and instilled sales and account management practices in me which I have continued to utilise throughout my sales career to date

Darren Farr Strategic Sales EMEA American Express GBT

Just listened to your podcast Paul and Jeff , which just highlighted how important the investment in the sales team was for the team and myself. A number of things stick in my mind here such as transferable skills, the multi-year investment to change mindset and being able to demonstrate a real difference that drove sales. We were game changers and I feel lucky to have played a small part in that journey which continues to shape my thinking today. Just like Aleda Kay I have also kept the material-always a good sign.

Aleda Kay Special Projects Manager at Strategic Blue

There are some initiatives that really shape your career outlook and achievements. Being in this industry sector was exciting and fast packed, with many external shocks and change to contend with, It was great to work at Virgin Atlantic for many reasons including its fabulous people, product and service.

The sales programme and the transferability of the approach was instrumental in an ability to confidently embark on a role in any industry or size of business.

Team empowerment was centre stage after tough training and lots of roleplay with your peers. I even still have and refer to a notebook with everything I learned. Thanks Paul and Jeff

Annicka Lofstrand Cruciata VP Sales Expense Management

Love this Paul. Developing and instilling  a sales culture that empowers everybody on the team to be accountable and with the right competency and attitude is such a game changer.

Richard Viner Former Country Manager UK Travelperk

Great challenger mindset, fascinating and insightful podcast , educational and some key takeaways/reminders.

Jayne Nightingale Recruitment at Nottingham University

I still use those sales techniques now and have adapted them to other parts of my life.

Rick Saggar Senior Commercial Leader Aviation

A great piece Paul. Many airline sales leaders across the globe will benefit from listening to how you led sales transformation at Virgin Atlantic-well done

Effi Wolff Managing Director of Balconette

Very interesting, I believe very strongly in these ideas of positive sales transformation leading to success. It’s a tough journey no doubt, but worth the efforts. No doubt it requires the right individuals to lead and create such changes, people like Paul and Jeff are a rare commodity indeed.

Nick Swann-MD at Love Water Ltd.

Enjoyed listening to this gents. Loads of good ales, Customer Service and People Management experiences and lessons here