Professional Sales Representation

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses, particularly airlines to lay off their sales teams in the UK. There will be a point though when as part of a recovery programme, resource will be needed to conduct business to business conversations with the travel industry and business travel buyers in order to drive their future sales campaigns and rebuild customer commitment. Whilst some will tentatively rebuild their own resource, there may be those that consider an outsourced solution a more appropriate option. This is where a RedApple Airlines bespoke approach to professional B2B selling could be applied

Our Approach

Our first objective is to have a comprehensive understanding of your business model, distribution strategy and growth plans. Some of these may involve resolving the challenge of underperforming routes, launching new routes, market share versus capacity share, improving average ticket price, balancing your customer mix, handling competitor pressures and/or improving performance of an existing sales force.

Once this is understood, we devise a strategy with the aim of improving some or all the business objectives.


It may well be that you are rebuilding your sales resource or are a new entrant into the UK market and need to create one. Either way we can manage the entire process from recruitment, induction, initial ongoing training and coaching to hand off or, move to a continual learning and development cycle.

Our experience has shown that if you create a sales culture with a continual learning and development mindset, coupled with a consistent method of working and defined standards, that hiring the right people does not mean you have to take people with existing airline experience. Far from it, the best people are usually those with the right attitudes and desires and who have self-development within their top 3 personal objectives and values.

We assess candidates based upon a range of different criteria and select those that we believe will be the best fit for a sales role. Once hired everyone embarks upon a consistent learning programme with ongoing coaching and mentoring with regular performance and development reviews. Our belief is to support and enable individual and collective success.

Developing existing team

For those with an existing sales resource where the objective is to improve overall results, our  approach is to at first to understand the skill set and competencies capability in relation to the delivery of the customer value proposition to the marketplace. Once that gap is identified we apply the appropriate measures, structures and sales aids to increase the chances of success, build customer commitment and raise the level of professionalism. What we embark upon is not just a training programme that few people follow up on and apply, but a behavioural change programme that salespeople will apply for the remainder of their careers. The methodology and structures enable a consistent approach to revenue generation whilst enabling individuals to express themselves and their own styles. It is many things but above all, it’s the creation of a professional sales culture that delivers results, using proven methodologies, as demonstrated by my tenure at Virgin Atlantic that protects and grows revenues.

Our credentials

As General Manager Sales Virgin Atlantic 2000-2012, Paul embarked upon a change management strategy in order to build a professional sales culture within the business. This was deemed necessary by the Board due to competitive pressures, the need for revenue growth and route expansion plus significant investment in new cabin products. If this was to succeed and an appropriate return on investment delivered, then a new approach to selling was required. Whilst the transformation to being widely regarded as the best sales force in the industry took three years, the investment in continual learning, development and investment in the sales force was an ongoing feature of Pauls tenure. The combination of client criteria and segmentation and professional selling ensured that Virgin Atlantic grew its market share over route share, developed a broad multi-channel distribution channel based on value and maintained its position during times of market recessions be that as a result of economic, political or environmental pressures. Having the ability to hire people based upon attitude, not experience, and then train, coach and develop into highly effective sales people applying appropriate bespoke client strategies was the cornerstone of success. Today many of those people no longer with Virgin Atlantic are working for many different companies in different industries and all refer to the competitive advantage that their learning provided them with. It is with this experience and belief that we propose that an outsourced tactical and strategic sales resource is a viable solution as part of a recovery plan or for new airline entrants into the UK market.

Whatever your business growth need be, whether it is correctional, rebuilding or start up, what better way than to engage with a business that has proven credentials in the airline industry and has a passion for success.

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