The global issue we are currently facing is very serious and distinct; people’s lives have changed immeasurably, and businesses large and small are suffering. However, the significant challenges facing the travel industry of disruption, shutdown and future uncertainty aren’t new ones. We have been here before.

Whether it was the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the Ash Cloud or the SARS crisis – we all had to tackle the loss of revenue, business failures, reductions in income and loss of employment that came off the back of these.

The major difference here is the worry and concern for people’s health and the loss of life. I have to believe in the scientists and the medical profession that, ultimately, we will get through this.

With regards to the travel industry, I have witnessed it before and am seeing again now, the total dedication of the people involved to continue serving their customers and getting the job done. Working those extra hours in order to get people home or protect their hard-earned money. It’s in their DNA.

But if we are to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves and do all we can to remain healthy, whilst carrying out what we must in order to keep businesses solvent.

There will be an end to this, and even for a while after, things will be very different – but the industry will bounce back. Whilst focussing on the immediate issues we are facing, we also have to think and prepare for the recovery phase that will come.

Good luck everyone, and as my dear old Mum used to say: “your health is your wealth and everything else is just day to day doodoo!!”